Quality Environment

We provide our customers stretch wrapping machines with outstanding quality. We can offer machines which stretches the plastic film up to 400 hundred percent before it is applied on the pallet, this make our machines unique.

The pre stretch makes the film thinner and stronger, which contributes that our customers need less consumptions material. It is an important component of our work to contribute with the developing of our consumer’s production effectiveness and for both sides improve and achieve stronger positions in the market.

You find the village Burseryd and our company Cyklop Teknik AB beautifully situated in the western of county Småland. It is a natural setting surrounded by lakes and forests.

To minimize the impact on our world, we work continuously with measures aimed at improving the environment. Cyklop Teknik AB is certified in compliance with quality and Environmental standards ISO 9001.

We follows the according to EU guidelines 98/37 EC 
for machines or incorporated machines

Registered ECOSTRETCH® ISO 9001



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