Why pre stretch the film?
Increased power to keep goods
- Improved pallet stability

Less material consumption
- Better economy, good for environment.

Fewer reel changes
- Saves time

Easy of removal
- Stretch film removal fast, safe and clean.

Slower unwinding
- Lower noise level

More careful goods handling
- Less damage 
Higher spring back
- Can handle bigger goods movement

You can achieve higher spring back
When the film is pre stretched it is like a rubber band being extended and threaded around the goods and then released.
Pre stretching of film works much in the same way. The film is being extended when passing through the film aggregate and then springs back when wrapped around the goods and secure the goods on the pallet.

- Stretch film machines are either partially or fully automated, which improves the productivity of the packaging process, reduces labor and alleviates back-breaking and time consuming work.
 Influence of the pre stretch on the film consumption

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