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The later in the process, the more important accessibility becomes.
The packing machine is rarely the most expensive element in the production process, but in a way perhaps the most important one. At this point, the spare time has run out and a shut-down will jeopardize JIT delivery. Or, which could be even worse, it could jeopardize the customer relation. To strengthen that relation anew costs money and time. To replace old customers with new ones costs even more money and time. This is something that is all too often forgotten when calculating the life cycle cost.

Dependability is the basis in our product development. We know the value of availability. We are even prepared to sign an agreement with this as a starting point. So, if you want, buy or rent and pay not for the machine itself, but for your level of availability.

But is availability enough? Of course not. We look upon the entire part of the life cycle that we can have an influence on
with a complete adaptation to your demands for performance, built-in measurements and quality assurance in the production and distribution.
with local support.
with a material consumption that can be reduced by as much as 80% thanks to our patented pre-stretch system.

We offer semi or fully automatic machines. Standard ones or adapted to customer demands. For conveyor system or as stand alone. For everything and anything that needs to be packaged. Big and small. On pallet, or not.

So yes, we can discuss machines. But let us start with the availability.

Cyklop Teknik today announces the launch of CTA 200 and CTA 400.

We are launching our new series of arm wrappers with our effective stretch wrapping technology. Available for delivery: in week 20-21, 2011

CTA 400
The CTA 400 will be replacing the GL 400.

New design
New extremely rigid chassis made in Sweden
Floor mounted model
Prestretch: up to 400% with our patented
Upgraded functions, changeable start/stop positioning.
Air supply not needed
Easy change of all program parameters and settings.
9 individual programs can be stored and each program can
  be named.
Quiet operation
All functions of the CTA 400 can be manually set such as
  film patterns and film tensions.
Unlimited load weight capacity

CTA 200

The new CTA 200 equipped with the aggregate from GL 200 makes a competitive arm wrapping machine in the semi automatic market.

New design
New extremely rigid chassis made in Sweden
Floor mounted model
Electronic Controlled
Easy adjustment of the film pre stretch with new smooth working
  film brake
5 programs are factory preset with one additional for manual
Air supply not needed
Can handle both low grade film and pre-stretched film with great
Unlimited load weight capacity

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